Forest Hills Drive Album Review

As a writer, I appreciate a great story teller; J. Cole is a rapper born to tell a story. From his first mix tape The Warm Up, I fell in love with his raw honesty on “Lights Please.” Such a deep brother is a nice inhale of fresh air from the smog filling my soul on a daily basis from the crap on the radio. And it’s not just me. People are loving this renaissance of “realism” in our music. The other day, I was watching his video for “Crooked Smile” featuring TLC. It’s truly an uplifting tune, but I was actually paying more attention to the video. Commenters on YouTube (Best believe that there is ALWAYS a fight in the comments section) argued that the visuals had nothing to do with the lyrics which I actually agree with. But here was J. Cole retelling a true story about a man getting arrested for selling a dime bag of weed. But that’s not the real heartache. The cops stormed into his house like it was a drug raid, arrested him, and shot his daughter on her birthday when they saw her peeking out from her room. He leaves us with this at the very end: And Please Reconsider Your War on Drugs. It had me scratching my head like what does that mean? In the comments section, two people were having an intense discussion about the war on drugs. One spoke about a documentary called “The House I Live In.” I found it on Netflix and was mind blown about what’s really going on in the prison system. It’s terrible and is practically a legal form of genocide. The point I’m trying to make is just from checking out J. Cole’s video, my mind was able to expand; my conscious was taken to another world. It opened me up to a new issue I never thought twice about. J. Cole really makes you think and I respect him so much for that. I listened to Forest Hills Drive the other day and just felt I had to write about it. For anyone who’s a fan of his knows it came out last year, but it’s better late than never right?

When listening to Forest Hills Drive, imagine sitting right across from Cole. You’ll see the emotion spread across his face as he lets you into his past, his dreams, his fears, his life all in an hour and six minutes. Feel the acne and butterflies from teen years rise up when tuning in “Wet Dreams.” This time warp of a track takes us back to two teenagers, young Cole pretending to have “experience” and a young lady who is indeed inexperienced facing intimacy for the first time. It’s so cute it will make you blush; Oh what the imagination of a young man will make him do. In “Adolescence,” he literally shares the thoughts of his teenage self – a shy guy wanting more out of life. He almost gets into the drug game, but his wise “mentor” wakes him up and reminds him of his own potential. The lone wolf cries combined with the slow beat take my senses to the cold fence he was once perched on in this self awareness tale.

“A Tale of Two Cities” and “Fire Squad” go into the desperate minds of the cunning living in a land where trying to survive is not enough. His flow in “Fire Squad” has my head bobbing so much I might be tempted to drop some F bombs at random in the street with my arms pumped up. Side Note: I do not curse. I love the message he relays from the middle to the end about how rappers are always talking about who’s the best instead of waking up and realizing who’s taking their sound. He further goes in to say that we are all kings; we shouldn’t “cling to the need for power….Today I know we are the same…….we’re all poets, cause deep down inside I know we all just want to be loved.” #Truth.

The very next track brings the mood down from high intensity to cool grooving in “St. Tropez.” The low tempo collection of drums, violins, a saxophone and the dreamy lulls of the chorus can teleport you right to the beach. Now only if it could literally do that, it would be the dopest song EVER. “Role Models” has such a HOT beat. “Don’t save her. She don’t to be saved. Don’t save her. She don’t want to be saved” – Damn, this song really has me going. It speaks a depth of truth about some (not all) women in our society who are just “lost.” And of course “Apparently,” his hit single from this album, is one of my favorite tracks to listen to right now. His realization about the integral people in his life, including the one who carried him for nine months, is both refreshing and uplifting to listen to.

I could literally write about every song on this album, but I will stop here. Forest Hills Drive is an astounding package of the exemplary electrical impulses going on in that pink mush of his. It makes you dive into the deep waters of adolescence, surviving in the game, gratification for loved ones and self awareness. It’s a true testament to what conscious music is all about.

Heroin by Nuff*Said


I don’t usually post any rap on here, but I had to share this with everyone. Up and coming artist Nuff*Said opens the doors of his mind to us for 3 mins with his knowledge in “Heroin.” The dream like repetitive beat floats under his lyricism about his daily grind with a Biggie hook. “Every Day I wake Up, Every Day I Wake Up” is a line that pounces into the tale of this Bed-Stuy native. His creative word play describes the ups and downs of his day in the hood. At the end of the day, his reward is his high. Get lifted in this musical mist of “Heroin.” Check out his upcoming mix-tape Thou Art H.A.T.E.R.

Mirrors by Justin Timberlake

“Mirrors” has entered the eardrums of the young and the old humbling and speaking to their hearts in a beautiful harmony of truth. This eight minute plus song is such a lovely masterpiece that showcases the evolution of Justin’s unique and impressive sound. The lyrics, the interplay of instruments and computer sounds and the transition from intensity to tranquil grace is a well packaged treasure Mr. Suit & Tie has prepared for us. I will be getting The 20/20 Experience as soon as I possible. I hope this song is able to touch you in many ways as it has touched mine. Enjoy the track below.

Brand New Me by Alicia Keys


This video would be perfect for all of those people hoping to change for the new year. It takes a lot of time, experience, effort, and dedication to be able to shed away the old flaws of the past. Change takes hard work, but when it happens it’s a beautiful blossoming for all the wonders just waiting to pounce into your life.

Alicia Keys evolves into a more supreme vision of herself (Although, I don’t see how; she’s already so perfect) in her new video “Brand New Me.” The single from her phenomenally successful album Girl on Fire is an example of the gorgeous gems from her treasure chest of valuable music. It starts of with her talented piano skills intertwined with her soft and lovely voice. Then it gains energy throwing out powerful jabs of intensity and harmony throughout. The height of the song is an explosion of emotion and personal strength bursting towards the listener’s ears. It’s a symbol of breaking away from the weak ones who keep us down from the expanse of our potential. But I think it’s also a stance against the negativity that resides within all of us. Ms. Keys speaks a tale of pulling away from the pessimistic forces that attempt to stop us from being the wonderful beings that we are; and she does this with the simplicity of a piano and of her amazing vocals. “Brand New Me” is the perfect melody for finding the energy to becoming a new you and for letting go of the muck in your life that’s keeping you from shining.

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Shotgun by Rochelle Jordan

Shadows and light intertwine together in an innocent dance in Rochelle Jordan’s b/w visual for “Shotgun.” Dark and mysterious, Jordan is in emo heaven through the blurred visuals that politely pull viewers into the elements of a silent forest. Stroll through the tunnel of heavy emotions with this one. At least Jordan’s silky smooth bellows and enigmatic beauty can make it much easier to enjoy this unique production of talent.

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Wildest Dreams by Brandy

Shorts, a t-shirt and bright red boots – never thought that would look like such an excellent representation of classy. But it all comes down to how one brings it and ladies and gentlemen Ms. Moesha of the past has certainly brought “it” in her new video “Wildest Dreams.” The second video for her latest album Two Eleven is a simple yet fierce production highlighting Brandy as she’s always been – chic, down-to-earth and absolutely gorgeous. The rugged warehouse venue for her background dancer studded performance is all part of the qualities that make it so enjoyable to watch. Of course, her gracious voice and the old school hinted sound add to it’s sophisticated, fun nature.

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Charades by Chrisette Michele

Chrisette Michele creates an awesome blend of cutting edge r&b in the first single from her upcoming mix-tape The Audiovisual Presentation: Audrey Hepburn which will be released on her birthday, December 8. In “Charades,” her vocals have their own persona; they breeze through, cool and charming as the wind during a light snow fall calmly rising and flowing in harmony with the beat. The 2 Chainz assisted cut quietly rises to excellence through the crisp quality of Chrisette’s magnetic voice.

Chrisette also has her fourth album Better, in the works. Stay tuned and be sure to check out both when they drop.

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