Colors of Change

It’s crazy; my hair really has a mind of its own. I mean seriously; this summer I learned that I don’t know what it will do. It went from purple to blonde.

When I went to the salon to get it done, I was doing something so much more drastic than anything I have done to my hair. Well I did cut it in a mo-hawk style and dyed it red last year. But purple was a different direction for me. People dye their hair red all the time. But purple…not so much. When I saw the final result, I fell in love with it. The color was so different but so me. And I was able to embrace it at an epic area of the season when I traveled with my bestie to New Orleans. It did me well the rest of July too. I came to own the style.

However, during August either after a wash day or spending more time in the sun, it started to change. My vibrant violet was becoming a mixture of pink, purple and blonde. The color was no longer the same. I learned that you are not supposed to wash your hair with warm or hot water even though I did try to wash my hair with mostly cold. Still, I didn’t understand what was happening. It was like every day it was a different color. Even now, I don’t know what to expect. Some people think I dyed my hair again.

But I’m starting to get more used to it. I cut the sides a few weeks ago and now I think it’s coming along even more. My hair in some ways is a representation of myself. Or at least for what I want to accomplish from within. These kinks represent change. It is something happening inside of me. Every moment, I must make a push to elevate myself even more. I’ll admit, I spend a lot of time being stagnant and watching Netflix or Youtube. Ha ha. But whenever I leave the house or interact with others, it is always a chance for me to be a better version of myself. Even if it’s just a little. My hair reflects the ever-evolving fire inside of me that is in constant motion. Now I wonder what change my hair will go through next?

See changes below.





Brand New Me by Alicia Keys


This video would be perfect for all of those people hoping to change for the new year. It takes a lot of time, experience, effort, and dedication to be able to shed away the old flaws of the past. Change takes hard work, but when it happens it’s a beautiful blossoming for all the wonders just waiting to pounce into your life.

Alicia Keys evolves into a more supreme vision of herself (Although, I don’t see how; she’s already so perfect) in her new video “Brand New Me.” The single from her phenomenally successful album Girl on Fire is an example of the gorgeous gems from her treasure chest of valuable music. It starts of with her talented piano skills intertwined with her soft and lovely voice. Then it gains energy throwing out powerful jabs of intensity and harmony throughout. The height of the song is an explosion of emotion and personal strength bursting towards the listener’s ears. It’s a symbol of breaking away from the weak ones who keep us down from the expanse of our potential. But I think it’s also a stance against the negativity that resides within all of us. Ms. Keys speaks a tale of pulling away from the pessimistic forces that attempt to stop us from being the wonderful beings that we are; and she does this with the simplicity of a piano and of her amazing vocals. “Brand New Me” is the perfect melody for finding the energy to becoming a new you and for letting go of the muck in your life that’s keeping you from shining.

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