Grass Ain’t Greener By Chris Brown

There is something about Chris Brown. What is it?  His soft croons. His fabulous dancing. His genius decisions to always choose such an r&b beat sometimes fused with techno. Ugh! I can’t stand his fine self. Well, he could chill with the constant changing of hairstyles. Lol. Anyway, “Grass Ain’t Greener” captures my spirit. The inconsistency of the hollow noises inter-playing throughout the track catches my ears and drags me into an orgasmic musical submission from his light, smooth croons. My head is at mercy to the beat for reasons I know not. Regardless of what it is, this track always makes my body want to move into a dance frenzy even if I am on a crowded subway. Stare at me and I may be staring mindlessly into an abyss of the world around me. But secretly, I am dancing in the “Let’s Go Get My Ex” induced video right along with Brown in my mind. Now watch me make my move.


Five More Hours by Deorro and Chris Brown

Only in a music video will someone whose car just broke down be saved by a school bus full of beautiful women minutes after it just happened. Well this sort of thing can happen to you – if you’ve been standing in the sun for too long and your mind starts to wander. But in this deliciously dance-able track by Chris Brown and Deorro, it makes fantasy feel more like a reality. “Five More Hours” possesses a trance like sound that makes time disappear on a night out. Throw your hands up and let the music run through you like a rhythmic river of intense energy.

Hiding Behind Pain: Karrueche Tran Opens Up On Own


“I knew, but I didn’t want to believe it.”- K. Tran

Raise your hand if you’ve heard or have said this before. I know I can’t see you, but I’m positive many of you reading this right now are raising your hands (Or at least raised your hand in your head). It’s a bitter truth many people deal with. They try to hide from the unmistakable, ugly reality grinning at them from ear to ear whenever someone hurts them. They try to shake it off and pretend like the chip on their shoulder didn’t just grow to enormous proportions. But by pretending what someone did to you doesn’t hurt you is only making the problem worse.

“What about you would draw a damaged man into your life?” – Iyanla Vanzant

Karrueche Tran is one clear example of a scorn woman who in the past has shook off the truth. Her back and forth relationship with Chris Brown has been in the gossip headlines and social media convos for years. After discovering through social media that her boyfriend allegedly has a nine-month year old child with another woman, Tran discussed the betrayal and her reaction to it on Iyanla Vanzant’s: Fix My Life on OWN. The highly anticipated interview showcased the famous tough love approach Vanzant took to dig into the depths of how Tran feels and how she can rise up from her pain. In some ways, I believe we all behave the way she did in healing. We tell ourselves “I’m OK” when clearly we’re not. The only way to get better is to acknowledge when you’re sick. I truly hope Tran does not go back to that sorry excuse for a man (incredibly talented artist, but still……) and that she finds positive growth from this harrowing experience.