Fresh Music Friday: Vibin’ Out With (((O)))

Moment of Inspiration: Every Friday, (I will try my best with school taking over my life.) the Heartbeat Life will feature dope music we think you should check out. I have been discovering some incredible music just this week. It will warm my heart to share the auditory love with you.

This week: FKJ – Vibin’ Out With (((O)))

Begin to effortlessly feel at peace; the vibes in this track are fly enough to keep you afloat. Drift off into paradise with this smooth rapture of solace; the singer’s light croons will gently rock you to a realm of joy. I love this connection between FKJ and (((O)). I hope you enjoy it too.


I Would Like by Zara Larsson

I question why so many songs today choose to sample from the 90s. Nah! I’m trippin.’ It’s clearly because we’re all obsessed with the 90s. There have been some excellent re-dos to the oldies hits. Some of them should have been left alone however. This track is not one of them. Zara Larsson’s “I Would Like,” is not a bad version of the classic reggae tune “Dat Sexy Body” from Sasha. I could never forget the days when that tune used to bump through the East Flatbush windows of my old building as an itty bitty kid. Zara throws her millennial flavor into it creating a House/dance vibe sort of separating from the whining culture this beat originally ensued. It is nice to hear this tune again – and it’s not so bad hearing it in this 2016 twist. I bet this song will be on heavy base throbbing into the ears of 20 somethings at 11 pm on a Friday night. Anyway, let’s enjoy this track however you like to receive it.

Imagine It Was Us by Jessie Ware

Dance music at it’s best, Jessie Ware brings her sultry mist of vocal pleasure in her latest single “Imagine It Was Us.” Skate blades thudding across the Coney Island boardwalk as the rhythm rushes through my bones on a sunny day is an imagery that spills into my mind as I listen to this track. The soft, yet intense beat is dripping with energetic flavor to get you moving during this slow winter. Ware’s cotton voice mixed in with the vivacious techno beat is just the right source to bring a little oomph into your spirit. Check out the tune below, but try to ignore the random guy shouting in the background at times. It’s also available on itunes and on the extended version of her latest sensation Devotion which will also have a US release April 16.

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Sorry by Ciara

It’s Ci-Ci time again! One of the most phenomenal female singer/dancers I’ve ever seen, Ciara brings back her sensational body contortions to the scene in her new video “Sorry.” This female mastermind of transferring intense emotion and rhythm into dancing arrives at a more sorrowful approach to the theme of this single from her latest album One Woman Army. Her light vocals waltz over the contemporary r&b sound creating an atmosphere of sensuality and angst.

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