“Shining Star” by Nneka

Take the Earth in. Let the gentle breeze of natures hands caress you. Feel the glimmering sunlight warm your spirit. Allow the soft Earth from under you to massage the soles of your feet. Let the essence of your surroundings take you in to a place full of tranquility and reprise.

In the metropolitan zones that many of us live in, it’s hard for us to imagine or even take a whiff of the natural gems of what nature has in store for us. In Nneka‘s new video “Shining Star” from her latest album Soul is Heavy, she embraces the delights of being enclosed by nature. Her light raspy croons swim in a river of strength and matches the peaceful vibes of the song. She enjoys the wonders of the forest as she travels, sings and discovers some colorful flora on the forest floor. The chorus is simple and charming to my ears as it would easily lull me to sleep when the night comes. I could imagine letting my mind escape to another world while laying on a hammock between two trees with this tune gently playing in my ears. Ahhhh, what a peaceful moment that would be! The universe model she created out of some natural substances was also a beautiful touch to the end of this amazing video. Nneka’s serene and casual demeanor brings a lot of power to what a shining star could be.


“Stay” by Nneka

I can’t believe I’ve strayed away from the amazing persona of Nigerian singer Nneka this past year. After producing her first album, Concrete Jungle, she’s created waves of sumptuous talent that’s almost non-existent to the masses of what’s most popular around the world. Her fierce curly fro and aura of confidence encapsulates the minds of many with the truth and power that resides in her music. Her raspy croons emanate a persona of compassion and loyalty to her native continent of Africa. Many of her songs tremble with the revolutionary movement of social justice within the groundbreaking elements of her words. Yet, Nneka pulls out her more emotional side in this melancholy tune from her latest album Soul is Heavy called “Stay.” The shadowed logo of a cartoon version of herself comes alive in this visual play-land of stark colors and progressive movement. The tune embodies a somber mood extenuated from the dismal violin and light piano. Passion politely escapes her voice as she pleads for a loved one to stay. This song further represents the amazing ability of what Nneka has to offer. She is a woman who stays true to the integral values of her mind which could only define her as presence who’s here to stay.