Spiritually Full Through La’s

The other day, this past Wednesday, I had an influx of feelings. Both positive and negative. I had so much on my mind, but I can’t remember it all now. Anyway, I was on one of the green line trains heading to 125 St for class and this song from Ari Lennox came on my Spotify playlist. Let me tell you about this track; it immediately lifted my spirit. It sent me somewhere (as most good music does); a destination of paradise. It doesn’t bombard you with too much sound all at once. It is gentle. The light instruments guide you into a place where you are quietly embraced by the soothing power of Ari’s voice. Her croons jump and play with the background sound making a beautiful introduction to the ethereal magic produced later on. Close your eyes and let “La La La La” emanate your spirit. I forgot I was underground, in the subway while listening to it. This tune makes time stand still in a moment of serenity. After a long day going back and forth from Harlem to Midtown, when I turned on my music again to head home, there it was again recreating that same dominating feel of tranquility. I wrote about this song before, but it is all deserving to receive some nods once more. When I hear this track, I know that I am love, peace and light; it fills me. Please check it out and let me know what it does for you.

P.S. Also check out one of her more fresher tracks, “Night Drive” as well as other tunes from her latest album PHO. It is also a pretty dope listen. =)


Rain On Me


Flowers from my mom’s garden at night.

So I was supposed to write this the other night. But after finding out Chester Bennington passed away, I lost the urge to pour my words onto this page. The thing about words though, they tend to have a way of finding their way from the brain to actually breathe life. Sometimes, I just can’t let them fade away. It’s crazy how many thoughts I have that I want to write down and it just never makes it. My brain is constantly in a word fertilization stage – probably 85 percent of my thoughts don’t escape my lips. Maybe 15 percent either show up on this humble space, leaves my mind to another’s ears, or shows up in some other form of communication. But there is this true sense of refreshment that lights up throughout me whenever I decide to let these words live.

I constantly tell myself that I need to write more, but I end up just writing in my head. But let me tell you, it feels so good when I finally ignore my daily distractions and allow myself to indulge in this space. For those of you reading now or have read in the past, I truly appreciate it. Thank you for taking the time to experience the little increments of my mind and spirit in the form of literary expression.

Anyway, the other night I went into my backyard looking for some mint my mom grows. She has a garden of various vegetables, fruits and herbs including tomatoes, cucumbers, thyme, dill and raspberries. I was going to make myself a fruit smoothie. As I was about to go outside, it suddenly started raining. The sweltering heat broke for just a bit to cool our little corner of the Earth. I hesitated for a bit, but then decided to go because I really wanted the smoothie. Plus, it’s only rain.

Outside, the water felt so nice. The whole atmosphere of it all is incredible. Have you ever done it? Just gone outside and stood in the rain? You got to try it. Let the water touch your skin. The cool wind will spiral around you however it feels. The pitter patter sound of the rain drops will enter your ears and sooth your mind. Close your eyes. Let the moment take you.

After I got the mint, I stood outside longer, closed my eyes and imagined being in a rain forest. I could see a stream of water on the forest floor. Tall trees surrounded me enveloping the whole area. The sky was adorned with leaves only left with a small space to see the grey hovering above. I was enamored by the moment. The pleasant sense of it all kept me grounded. I breathed in the positive energy flowing around naturally and breathed out any stress or worries that consumed me. For that moment, I was in paradise.

After some time, my stomach reminded me that I needed to feed it and I went inside. As humans, I think it is important for us to remember to be still sometimes. We live in this fast paced world. We are constantly bombarded with messages telling us what to wear, how to spend, how to eat, how to basically live. Stress plague our minds on a daily basis. We often times forget how to honor ourselves. How to cherish our light. How to breath and even embrace the beauty in being able to let air fill and leave our bodies.

There is power to the simplicity to do the very thing we did the first moment we entered this world. Peace enters your life the second you choose to embrace you. I ask you to take  one moment at least once a day to just forget your day’s qualms, sit still and simply breath. Cherish you; always.

I let the rain bring me back to that moment of honoring myself. Any time I get caught in the rain and it is not too intense, it feels great to let the rain bring me to peace. After society tries so hard to shake my senses and make me feel like I am crazy, nature always has a way of bringing me back to the true reality of just being. For when those skies open up and the storm ain’t too crazy, (Let’s be real; I won’t be caught getting struck by lightening or intentionally soaked), I will embrace what the Earth has to give. For sure, I want the skies to rain on me.


A Little Peace of Rain


The moment came to me again. This time in an unexpected way and time. The 103 bus was taking too long to come so I decided to walk in the continuous rain. The wind was howling and the rain drops would not let up even for a little bit. Moisture started to fill up a bit in my light brown leather boots. My leggings even started to resemble saran warm as they began to cling more to my bottom half. The water in the air would sprinkle my face every so often. The atmosphere for once smelled crisp and clean due to what was falling around me. Amerie‘s “All I Have” gently vibrated in my ears like a quiet stream. The song alone brought back times of innocence when I was incredibly inexperienced of the trials, triumphs and the roller coaster ride of life. My legs carried me to my destination in the seemingly gloomy weather. Though many moments in the rain usually force me to bring out my umbrella and speed walk home, this day felt different. My pace could not help but slow down as I was able to unearth bliss. So much joy was felt in the walk that I had to give praise and thanks to God even in the misery of my surroundings. I gave thanks for air being able to fill my lungs, the people in my life, the lessons I have learned and for the moment I was having. Yet again, I was able to find bliss.

Even when your world is shrouded in the doom of a storm, there is always something to be thankful for. Be glad you have food on your table, clothes on your back and a roof over your head. You don’t have the job you want? Go out there and find a way to get it. As long as it’s in your spirit, the thing you desire will come to you. Or God will show you what it is you needed all along. Even in the cool of the rain, peace came my way. For all of you out there if you let it, peace will come to you too. Hope you are having a wonderful day!


Moment of Bliss

2015-10-22 17.01.44

A picture I took during traffic as I was going home on the Hutchinson River parkway

This music has me caught up as I’m doing paperwork. It is mentally pulling me away from reality and transporting me back to a moment. When driving down the Hutchinson River Parkway this past fall, there was this arrangement of beauty colorfully surrounding me. It was a magical sight in how each leaf was layered on the trees stretching out into the open abyss.  The variation of orange, yellow and red hues made you want to become a part of it. While driving, there was also usually many cars on the road. However there are moments on the Hutch where everything sort of becomes surreal. Serenity envelops as more and more cars disappeared and all that matters is you, your ride, your music and the smooth curves of the road.

This moment of bliss was brought to me by Chris Brown’s “Autumn Leaves.” The epic tranquility of the tune is laced in light, slow instrumentals and the feathery pitch of his vocals take me back to the peace of driving on the Hutch.

For anyone reading, what moment, activities or events have given you or give you a moment of bliss? Please feel free to share below.



The Trials to Happiness

 Welcome to 2012 everyone!!! We’ve entered a new year full of possibilities and ventures to keep our minds flourishing with experiences. The elements of yesteryear were only a few days ago, but are still knocking into the surface of our memories allowing us to remember what is now a historical presence in our thoughts. With the New Year beginnings, all I want for this year is a little peace, growth and happiness. Yet, one thing I would definitely like to keep out of my year is that begrudging aura of negativity.

 Some people just love to be miserable. Life has been hard on them, so they continue onto each year unconsciously (or maybe this is what they want) spreading a wave of bad energy onto everyone. The cloud spreads like the Bubonic Plague torturing the blissful to a state of hopelessness. They complain about their loved ones, about their finances and about the people around them they know nothing about.

It’s something we all hate, run away from and even attack at the very inkling of it. Although, some of us who claim to want to keep a tranquil vibe running through our veins are the very people who fuel the fire of despair.

In order to have a life full of peace and happiness, we must rid of those who cause us to become unpleasant human beings. When someone spreads negativity, it’s like an epidemic disease. It moves from person to person suffocating each and every positive thought leaving behind a desperate and empty form in its wake.

Even though we want a world of peace, we’re the ones who cause all the calamity. The news is clogged with people who die for dumb reasons because someone couldn’t get over a little beef. The face of every rider on the train is indifferent to the homeless or the hurt because we’re so used to seeing all the unfortunate around us. It’s like we’re trained not to care anymore. The city is so filled with people dealing with hard times that all of its citizens become hard themselves.

Negativity is a powerful force that easily takes over the minds of many. But we don’t have to let it. It’s difficult to remain positive when life or the people around us fall victim to bad circumstances, but happiness is definitely worth the fight. It may be hard to get to happy, but the trek is soooo beneficial once we try. Sometimes, I let the negativity of my own life control my mood. But the more I give in to the power, the further away I am from peace.

If you let the misery of your life control you, it will never leave you. Almost everything will seem bad and you’ll only think about the bad instead of focusing on the good. Letting the idea of what we don’t have or what we’re miserable with will allow what we’re happy with slip away. We got to do all we can to help others, but firstly we must help ourselves find our own paradise.

Having a good, balanced life is so attainable if we just try, really try not to let that disease of negativity make us sick. There could be so many negative factors in life that can cause others despair, but the best way to fix them is with positivity and patience. It’s hard. Yes. But everything in life is hard. We all got problems that take our joy away. We got to work hard for the things we want the most. That doesn’t have to stop at happiness.