Konkrete Big Apple by Shea Face

You know those moments when you are just hanging out with your homies. Cows could be falling out of the sky and an orange pig could be the supreme leader of the free world. But who cares when the vibe is just right while surrounded by some pretty dope people. Shea Face captures the excellence of chilling in his single “Konkrete Big Apple.” The MC invites us into a space in Brooklyn that evokes a “That So 70s” feel, but is garnished with some dope melanin personas, light energy, and a bit of his truth. “The Squad” comes together and reach a mental high through herbs and lyrical nourishment. SoSoon adds an extra slice of “nice” to the overall necessary positive vibes present throughout the video. Sit back, have some “yams and greens,” and chill out to this lyrical food.


Empowerment and Grooves at Leftfield


I’m super late with this post (One day I will be better at not procrastinating… one day). Although, the busy work life does have a lot to do with it.

On February 5, I had the pleasure to be in attendance of some truly dope performers at the Leftfield, a spot hidden in the swanky, urban ambiance that makes up the L.E.S. This chill bar/performance hub was an epicenter for the Friday night crew: youngsters ready to start the weekend RIGHT. Among the hipsters and inhabitants of the cool was a quaint little collective body of music lovers ready to be immersed with some pleasant noise. The first performer I heard for the night,  Conscious LEO, provided an incredible energy to the dwellers of Leftfield. The crowd was in full out cheers, enthusiasm and uninhibited energy during the blight of his performance. LEO served us some knowledge with his humble tribute to his home of Memphis and brought out the lion in us all with his powerful stance to the #BlackPower movement.

After Conscious Leo’s dynamic performance, I was glued to the energy of the room. My butt wasn’t going anywhere. My musical heart was overjoyed at my decision. For that night, two more artists took me on their lyrical journey where I was able to sway in elation from the sweet grooves of ISA and delve into the Chicago sound from R.O.E. (Rising Over Envy). Both performers packed a punch in how they creatively showcased their individuality. ISA’s gorgeous croons had me bouncing to the reality of having no money but also had me in the feels for that special someone from her sultry, genuine tunes. R. O.E did not fail to represent the artistry of his sound with positive messages about grinding, making it after leaving the nest, and more. All of these performers had that ‘wow’ factor which will keep myself and many others a fan for years to come.

2016-02-05 20.30.00

Conscious LEO

2016-02-05 21.03.51


2016-02-05 22.21.08





On The Green by The Real Mike Wilson featuring Kaneki

*Raises hand proudly* I want to rap. Honestly, I’ve grown to truly embrace this growing dynamic art from, but never thought I could spit a bar. But these guys Mike Wilson and Kaneki who are chilling “On The Green” make a lady want to at least try. In this visual, they bring forth “The Real” divulging that people of this passion don’t need to be on the streets, don’t need to know the struggle and could even rock “tree” poses as part of their intro.

Do you feel your arms slowly rising in the air to move along with the beat? Nope! Really? Well, you’re crazy cause this beat exhibits great possibilities for movement. “N****a, Why you rapping for? You ain’t got a baby girl on the way….you ain’t really live in the hood,” says the truthful chorus. It’s a breath of fresh air to find artists who embrace hip hop from diverse walks of life. Let’s remember that rap is a form of self expression. Why should it be forced into one box of who represents it? Well, “On The Green” represents it quite well. Check it out for yourself below.

Madison Square (Video) – by Mike Wilson featuring Rye

This beautiful track finally has some moving pictures added to it. The video “Madison Square” by the dope, multifaceted MC Mike Wilson has dropped onto this crazy planet bringing in it’s own state of musical bliss. Hearing the very first few intricate creations of the beat will lead one to a place of immediate peace. Combining it with the graceful moves of the lovely Erica Ortiz was a masterful decision in making this beautiful package of tranquility.

The background of the urban jungle that is New York City plays well with the black and white filter in how it sets a chill, but slightly hype mood. Ortiz’s movements tell a story of a woman who’s focused on what she’s doing. But as the video plays out, the gentle variations of her arms and legs blossom into a vibrant, hip show of joy. It matches the inspirational tale Wilson portrays through his bars of fluidity and honesty. Do yourself a favor and take a visit to “Madison Square;” let it bring a little calm to your day.

If you’re ever in an NYC bar and you happen to see Deli Mag, scan the pages to find Wilson himself in their creative pages. He’ll also be streaming on Live 365 so give your ears some joy and listen in.


Who Would I Be by STEIS featuring Termanology & Erin Daneele

Cherry blossoms are falling in the wind. A gentle breeze is reminding you of how simple and peaceful life can be when you take a moment to notice it all. Warmth is radiating throughout your body with a quickness while rocking your soul to a nether world of bliss. It’s a captivating moment which appears at the first real sign of Spring. However, it also comes to be at the beginning of this great music video “Who Would I Be” by STEIS. Of course, the lyrical package presented throughout makes that feeling more special. Encouraging words of sticking to “your hustle” to make it to the top are littered throughout the word play from STEIS and Termanology through their own unique tales. The melody is topped off with a harmonious hook from the high-pitched croons of the lovely Erin Daneele. If you’re looking to feel inspired to make it to the top, check out “Who Would I Be” below.

The Lyrical by Jelani Lateef

Sometimes I scratch my head and wonder, when did hip hop change? It was once this beautiful creation – an expressive art form that delved into the heart of what mattered in the world. The lyrical word play was a sonnet for the troubled youth and for the working man. Hip Hop knew our struggles, our world, our lives. Now, it’s a complete mess. Conscious rapper from Chi-Town Jelani Lateef speaks the truth and shows it well on how hip hop has devolved in his visual “The Lyrical.” This wordsmith greatly highlights the ill form of what this once exceptional art from has diluted to. Even though the majority of hip hop is trash, Lateef is one example of the few diamonds in this genre that are still out there. Check out the video below.

Akira by Malik Champloo


This latest production from Malik Champloo will get you soooooo hype. Fist pumping, dance craze galore will happen from the epic greatness of “Akira.” The tribal setting of the beat raises the levels of movement within the body and sets the pace for the courageous tale. For anyone who loves a expert lyricist should listen to this track. For anyone who is a fan of anime including the critically acclaimed movie “Akira” will have respect for this track. For anyone who just loves to groove to a dope song should move along to this track. “Everybody say Raserra” and check out “Akira” here.