Spiritually Full Through La’s

The other day, this past Wednesday, I had an influx of feelings. Both positive and negative. I had so much on my mind, but I can’t remember it all now. Anyway, I was on one of the green line trains heading to 125 St for class and this song from Ari Lennox came on my Spotify playlist. Let me tell you about this track; it immediately lifted my spirit. It sent me somewhere (as most good music does); a destination of paradise. It doesn’t bombard you with too much sound all at once. It is gentle. The light instruments guide you into a place where you are quietly embraced by the soothing power of Ari’s voice. Her croons jump and play with the background sound making a beautiful introduction to the ethereal magic produced later on. Close your eyes and let “La La La La” emanate your spirit. I forgot I was underground, in the subway while listening to it. This tune makes time stand still in a moment of serenity. After a long day going back and forth from Harlem to Midtown, when I turned on my music again to head home, there it was again recreating that same dominating feel of tranquility. I wrote about this song before, but it is all deserving to receive some nods once more. When I hear this track, I know that I am love, peace and light; it fills me. Please check it out and let me know what it does for you.

P.S. Also check out one of her more fresher tracks, “Night Drive” as well as other tunes from her latest album PHO. It is also a pretty dope listen. =)


Forever Mine by Andra Day

Andra Day has a commitment to the flawless beauty of the 50s. Whether it be through her light croons crying out to a lover or through the epic awesomeness of her do, this lady is on a wicked cruiser to class on her track “Forever Mine.” Sway to this sweet lullaby of a tune – it makes this one want to vaporize into a cotton candy puff of cool and breezy. Check it out below.




No Sleeep by Janet Jackson feat J. Cole

Seriously though, Janet Jackson is the Queen of making sultry, foot stepping grooves to get the soul ignited. “No Sleeep” is a 21st century version of “That’s the Way Love Goes” or any hit of hers that made us swoon during the 90s. The quick bumps of sound meshes well with her famous light, feathery octaves to produce a lovely concoction of mellow tunes. “No Sleeep” oozes of an ultimate chill factor perfect for the end of a great day. J. Cole’s lyrical munchies of knowledge is also a choice “dessert to her meal.” Tonight or whenever you can, make sure to get “No Sleeep” into your system. Enjoy below!

That One by Teedra Moses and Anthony Hamilton

Tell me, how do you describe smooth? Is it an element that just moves along with little difficulty? Is it the luscious cherry on a perfect day? Or is it a soft material that you can just wrap around you and embrace bliss? Well the latest track from Teedra Moses paired with Anthony Hamilton is one sure fire definition of smooth. One can wrap themselves in a silky blanket of velvety sweet tempo thumping low in “That One.” It has the direct makings of a chill groove from r&b tunes of the early and mid 2000s. The familiar gooey feelings of being in love will surely bubble in your stomach as you listen to Moses and Hamilton harmonize together. Listen to this smooth product of goodness below.

The Lyrical by Jelani Lateef

Sometimes I scratch my head and wonder, when did hip hop change? It was once this beautiful creation – an expressive art form that delved into the heart of what mattered in the world. The lyrical word play was a sonnet for the troubled youth and for the working man. Hip Hop knew our struggles, our world, our lives. Now, it’s a complete mess. Conscious rapper from Chi-Town Jelani Lateef speaks the truth and shows it well on how hip hop has devolved in his visual “The Lyrical.” This wordsmith greatly highlights the ill form of what this once exceptional art from has diluted to. Even though the majority of hip hop is trash, Lateef is one example of the few diamonds in this genre that are still out there. Check out the video below.

Akira by Malik Champloo


This latest production from Malik Champloo will get you soooooo hype. Fist pumping, dance craze galore will happen from the epic greatness of “Akira.” The tribal setting of the beat raises the levels of movement within the body and sets the pace for the courageous tale. For anyone who loves a expert lyricist should listen to this track. For anyone who is a fan of anime including the critically acclaimed movie “Akira” will have respect for this track. For anyone who just loves to groove to a dope song should move along to this track. “Everybody say Raserra” and check out “Akira” here.

Bad Blood by Taylor Swift featuring Kendrick Lamar

There is a mob of fierce femmes in Taylor Swift’s new video. Seriously she has Zendaya, Lena Dunham, Serayah, Jessica Alba, Ellie Goulding, Haley Williams, Selena Gomez, Mariska Hargitay and Cindy Crawford all kicking a** in “Bad Blood.” Within the first ten seconds, thugs are getting thrown, slow motion fighting and back stabbing entails. Kendrick Lamar adds his flavor of lyrical intellect to this action packed, girl power motion picture. With all the edginess glam combined from all these incredible individuals, it’s hard not to want more when the explosions go off at the end.