Holistic Event: Recharged and Loving It!

A few weeks ago, I went to a Holistic event in the Bronx called Let’s Get it Twisted: The Eclectic Bronx Natural Hair and ART Fest. It was hosted by the Bronx Holistic, Natural Healing and Wellness Center. I usually do not venture into the Bronx, but I kept seeing the ad for it on Facebook and I had to go. The world of holistic healing has been calling my name for years. I have dabbled in crystals, learned about chakras and meditate or do yoga whenever I can. But there is this world waiting for me to explore. Here comes this event that introduces this space to me a bit more. The first thing I did was buy this incredible painting by a beautiful spirit because as soon as I saw it, I knew it belonged in my room. After meeting the artist who made it Katya, I walked into a room that embraced me with it’s inviting energy. Another artist named Evan Bishop asked me how I could use my passions to help people. I had engaging conversations with a crystal jeweler and another fellow writer. I met amazing women who were entrepreneurs dedicated on working together on bringing more harmony and knowledge of self into the world. It was so refreshing. Not to mention, I also could not stop buying soaps and hair accessories. There was also a great workshop by an incredible sista named Katori Walker who spoke about the reality of natural hair in the workplace. I most definitely will continue this journey into holistic healing and natural health. My body is my temple and I strive to take care of it. Meeting so many energizing people is also a wonderful recharge to my spirit. If there is anyone else out there who is engaged in this world, feel free to reach out. I would love to here from you.




Best Friend by Yelawolf featuring Eminem

We are all on our own spiritual journeys. Whether you go to church every Sunday or question the existence of a higher power, the “heavenly father” has in some way entered your life either by thought or by faith. Personally, nothing can ever shake the presence of God in my life but I choose to respect all paths because there is some understanding and truth in many of the beliefs out there. The powerful song “Best Friend” is a testament to the most high. Yelawolf and Eminem make an exceptional combo in delivering their stories of how influential God is in their lives. The soothing melody takes me to the road – a place where I’ve personally had many conversations with God and where my thoughts like to wander the most. Let this song take you to where your faith feels strongest.