What Makes You A Writer?


My life right here

This question has been throbbing in my mind for weeks. In this journey of writing, it all started in elementary school for me. I used to have these journals in which I would write in everyday. Scrawny etches of chicken scratch penmanship would litter a composition notebook on various days on anything from what nine-year-old Tiffany learned in school that day to the interactions she had with other kids. Little Tiffy was definitely a shy one. It did not change that much in high school. But during those teen years, writing was so exciting for me. Every time the teacher would give me an essay assignment, I would look at it as an exhilarating new challenge to immerse myself in. It was such a thrill and joy to be able to write. At the time, I never realized how much I liked to write until a friend and my tenth grade English teacher made me see my potential.

Today, a magazine journalism degree and a few editorial internships and “jobs” later, I question whether I am still defined as a “writer.” Other than the fact that my grammar, style and prose is probably not as up to par as it once was, I don’t write as much as you would think. One thing I have come to accept, I am a procrastinator even when it comes to the things that I love. Routine and deadlines keeps this somewhat free spirited mind on schedule. If it’s not on a to-do list or there is no deadline, it will not get done. The daily grind of work and other responsibilities constantly pushes this passion to the side for me. So even though I write when I can, I still ask myself this question.

In today’s world that’s only getting smaller and smaller, writers or so called “writers” pop up all over the web. Some people just wake up randomly one day and decide that they are going to be a writer. There are oodles of published content from people who could not write if their life depended on it to distinguished literary geniuses. There are all types of writers: bloggers, journalists, poets, content curators, editors, novelists, authors, song writers and more. Some people can write twenty or more pieces of content a day while others write a little something every week. At the end of the day, they all do define themselves as a writer.

Through all this mental pondering, at least for now I think I can answer my question. I am a writer because of one simple reason: it brings me joy. You would not even know how happy I am just writing this particular post. All the posts, articles, rewrites, blog entries, essays and journal entries I have written in my life has always provided me with true happiness. The ability to pour out our thoughts and give it life is a true gift that all of us human beings have. So whether you write to give your business more traffic or because you report for a blog or news organization, find the joy in what you do because that my friend is what makes you a writer.



Miss me?

It’s been too long. How y’all doing? You know, there’s something missing sometimes. I want to write, but I need inspiration; a muse to draw me into the blank page and color it with vivid words. I have the desire cawing at me every day. It nags me like a love sick child crying for attention. I want to write. I need to write. But life always locks me away from my freedom to express.

I can not tell you I will be back here every day. But what I can promise you is that I will try. Whether it be once a week or once every few weeks, by golly I will try. The characters spilling out of my fingers now are already making me feel a little giddy. I’m feeling a little tipsy from my writing return. I hope I get to experience this much more often. And I hope to experience you too. Be well and I hope you stop by for a visit again.

Happy New Year btw. Welcome to 2014!

Two Year The HeartBeat Life Anniversary

1,020 days later and we’re still here. Though I may not be here as much as I’d like to, I’m truly happy to have started this blog. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for The Heartbeat Life. I love writing and I will continue to pour my soul out on here; at least in the terms of writing about amazing music. Can’t wait to share more of what’s out there in this creative environment. Hope you guys will be here too. Let’s celebrate.  =). 

But let’s also remember the icon we lost only four years ago. I still can’t believe he’s gone. The music of Michael Jackson will forever live on. We will never forget. The energy he put into his music is immortal. We will only continue to be uplifted by it. I will always be touched by the greatness of the King of Pop . I hope you all can continue to be moved by it too. 

The Heartbeat Life: M.I.A

It’s been too long of a time since I’ve written in here. For the past few months, I haven’t been updating HBL as much. Things have been progressing in my career, so I haven’t had the same time I used to for blogging. But even as things pick up, I will never turn my back on the Heartbeat Life. Blog posts may be scarce, but I will never shut it down. I will try my best to pick up on the posting. I love writing here. It brings me so much joy expressing my love for music. I only hope those out there in the blogsphere who pass through my page have enjoyed my musings almost as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them. I hope 2013 has been good to you so far and I hope things will only get better for the Heartbeat Life.

One Year Anniversary of The Heartbeat Life

I’m elated to have been writing for this blog for one year. It’s been an amazing experience. Between finding all these talented artists, sharing old and new music, and enthusiastically writing my joy for some awesome music and life events, this blog has created memories that will always hold dear to me. It’s been such a fun ride and I can’t wait for the second year anniversary to roll around next year. Thank you all for joining me on this fantastic journey on the Heartbeat Life.  I could only hope you join again to see how much this little spec on the web grows in the future.

Happy Birthday to the Heartbeat Life. May this blog grow to be a successful entity on the web. Regardless of how many readers stop by, hopefully it’ll be for people who truly enjoy the content of this site. I hope it has been a great experience for you as it has been for me. =).