Tressed Out Tiffy

2014-11-15 16.14.50

One of my favorite pics of my hair.

Hair: One component of the human body that we all, especially women, care for, stress over, change for, cry for and just do about anything for. Some of us go through dynamic hues every week embellishing the quirky, fun and spontaneous sides of ourselves. While some of us are a bit more conservative with our locks sporting bobs and cuts that emphasize the graceful, delightful and sweet personas that bounce with every stride of our stroll. Whether those tresses change because of your latest mood or due to your latest event, it embraces a beautiful part of your personality. Don’t ever let it own you.

However, this woman right here has gone through years of maintaining a sense of perfection (Or most definitely attempting to) when it comes to her hair. Those days of wavy bounce and length has now come to an end. Trying something new sometimes comes with a price and trying out a dye for a second time has left my poor hair suffering. For years, I’ve come to really love and admire my hair. But I now feel like, in some way, I took it for granted. I took for granted the health, sheen and body it used to have. Now, it’s barely a shell of what it once was.

I love my body, my soul and everything that I once was, am and hoping to be. In that case, there is no way I’ll allow my hair to suffer forever. For years, I’ve been contemplating going natural. People would always ask me when. The push for it had only increased because of the natural hair movement. But I I always thought I wasn’t ready for it. Fear, comfort, or maybe a little bit of both kept me from making such a dramatic change. But, life and my choices have decided for me what must be done. And in all honesty, I’m excited and a bit scared of what this transition will do to my sense of peace and to my health.

2015-08-20 15.42.52

More of what it looks like now.

This has been a pretty stressful year when it came to my hair. I suffered a bit of breakage that really changed the vibrancy it once had. However, I’ve got to do this; I owe it to my self to have the best opportunities to be healthy. This process for sure will be challenging, so I will chronicle all the ups and downs here in the Heartbeat Life. Hopefully, my mini blog “Tressed Out Tiffy” will offer a hand, some laughs (yes, you can laugh at my pain), some wisdom, or reassurance to the women going through or have gone through the same struggle I will be going through. So sit back, relax and embrace the feels of what Tressed Out Tiffy will have to offer.

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